Una Brennan Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Glow Boost Skin Serum

IMGP3125 Una Brennan Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Glow Boost Skin Serum – £15.99

Hello, sorry for the slight break in regular posting, I have had so little free time! I’ve been to weddings, engagements, uni, work….oh and I bought a mattress. I’m in the middle of my six day week (sob) and starting to get a little bit more on track. Anyway – I digress. My skin is so dull and dehydrated at the moment and I thought introducing a brightening serum into my morning routine may help me look slightly more alive. I saw this on offer a few months back in Boots and thought I’d give it a whirl!

This product is from the relatively new Vitamin C range from Una Brennan and it’s aimed at promoting a healthy glow as well as smoothing and “retexturising” the skin. It does promise “advanced anti-ageing” care so I don’t know if it’s suitable for younger skin but as I am now on the older side of 25 and have dull, dehydrated skin I thought this serum might be a great addition to my skincare routine.

This serum contains hyaluronic acid, glycerin and a “skin effective” algae extract to “deeply replenish, boost collagen synthesis and enhance the appearance of skin”. It’s quite a light serum and it smells quite citrus-sy. The claim is that if you use this for a minimum of two weeks either in the morning or evening you’ll notice more radiant, smoother skin. I’ve been using this for about two months now so I’d best review it!


What I like:

  • This is easily absorbed by my skin, and hasn’t clogged my pores. There’s a warning on the packet that the high vitamin C content can cause your skin to flush red for a minute or so after you’ve applied it and I did flush a little bit after using. If your skin is sensitive then test this before using.
  • My skin does feel radiant and looks brighter when I use it, and it seems to look less dehydrated and dull. It doesn’t look massively more even or had many anti-ageing effects though (not that I really expected anything like that!)
  • I’ve noticed that this helps my skin feel supple and nourished throughout the day, even when it feels I’ve been kicked in the face by the weather. It helps my day cream and I don’t need to use as much of my usual moisturiser.
  • It smells fresh and is a nice serum to use as part of your morning routine to wake yourself up in the morning – like orange juice for your face (less sticky…)

What I don’t like:

  • Dimethicone – bah! This serum does promise smoother skin but I have a feeling it’s because there is a silicone content. I have been getting milia on and around my cheekbones recently and these are annoying and difficult to shift. I don’t know whether to attribute this to this serum or not but it’s a worry. If your skin is fine with silicones in your skincare, you’ll probably find this a minimal if non-existent problem.
  • It’s a little pricey for those on a budget, especially since a serum isn’t always a priority.


Overall, I do like this serum, but I probably won’t be repurchasing. I’ll use it all up (while trying to tackle the milia whether it’s the cause or not) and I do enjoy using it for the time being as I have noticed a brightening effect. But all things considered I think I actually prefer my previous serum (this Superdrug one) and I regret being a serum hussy. Oh well! It’s worth a try if your skin is fine with silicones (lucky you!) and you want to try a mid range Vitamin C serum.

Have you tried this serum? What are your thoughts on the Una Brennan Vitamin C range? I loved the cleansing oil but I’m not as fussed about this serum…

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